Jersey City, New Jersey

Professional Shower Pan Services

Our technique for restoring bathtubs and tiles is universal. We can fix up your complete shower, including the floor. Our tub and shower refinishing service will make your old stall appear new at a fraction of the replacement cost.

A dirty, rusted, chipped, scraped, or improperly colored shower floor.
As a team, we can have it running smoother than ever before!


Even the most entrenched grime and stains are no match for our exhaustive cleaning process. In contrast to the clean chemicals and gear you may use around the house, we have commercial agents and equipment built to tackle heavy soil. We had no trouble cleaning the filthy shower floor.


There is a risk of rust and limescale film formation at the shower’s base due to constant exposure to water. Attempting to peel away these layers with standard household products is herculean. We have the specialized tools to get rid of it and get your shower floor back to normal.


Damage from chips and scratches in your shower need not be a reason for alarm; our experts can restore it to like-new condition. Before we paint over it, we’ll use filler and buffers to even out the bumps and divots.

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Bathtub Repairs

For all forms of bathtub and associated repairs like chips, cracks, and more.

Countertop Resurfacing

Kitchen and bathroom countertops and other related surfaces.

Bathtub Refinishing

Cheaper alternative to buying a new tub. Make yours look brand new today!

Tile Refinishing & Regrouting

Tiles of all kinds, from choosing to installation and maintenance.


To complete the repair process, you must have the shower pan reglazed by a specialist. We even use spraying technology to apply a commercial covering that functions like paint. This solution will last for a long time, unlike quick cures. Use our glaze to bring back the floor’s luster and change the color to match your new bathroom’s scheme.

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