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Bathroom Floor Tile Services

Instead of replacing your old bathroom floor tile, you can save a lot of money by having it reglazed.

The cost of installing a new floor in a bathroom can quickly go into the thousands. The reason is that it takes more than simply tiles to make up the entire tile replacement cost. The time and effort put into planning, ordering, demolishing, designing, laying out, setting, grouting, and sealing tiles all adds up. The time and effort required for all these bathroom floor renovation procedures usually lead to a hefty price tag.

Alternatively, you can save a ton of money over the long run by refinishing your bathroom floor tiles instead of replacing them. It’s a cheap way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

I have a few broken or chipped tiles on my floor, what should I do?

Yes, that’s perfectly OK. When it comes to tiles and floors, as long as the cracks aren’t too wide or deep, they can typically be repaired with a bit of filler and a buffing wheel. With our bathtub tile restoration services, we attempt to fix more than just the surface.

How do I replace the floor tiles in my home if I tire of the current design?

The answer is yes. Our high-quality coating products come in various colors and textures, including some designed to mimic natural stones like granite. Get in touch with us for a free quote, and we’ll provide you with a wide range of options for choosing the bathroom vanity color and vanity finish that will complement each other perfectly.

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Bathtub Repairs

For all forms of bathtub and associated repairs like chips, cracks, and more.

Countertop Resurfacing

Kitchen and bathroom countertops and other related surfaces.

Bathtub Refinishing

Cheaper alternative to buying a new tub. Make yours look brand new today!

Tile Refinishing & Regrouting

Tiles of all kinds, from choosing to installation and maintenance.


We can repair broken porcelain tiles commonly used for bathroom flooring. Its low price, high density, and extended life have made it popular for these kinds of uses. Since porcelain tile is meant to survive for decades, updating its appearance when it starts to seem old is a reasonable option. After we fix, resurface, and reglaze your porcelain tile, it will appear like new.


Because it is manufactured at a lower price, ceramic tile is more affordable than porcelain. That’s why you’ll see the ceramic tile in practically every cloakroom in the region of Northeast Florida. Give us a ring if you’d like us to repair, refinish, or reglaze your ceramic tile in the color and finish of your choice to make it last longer.

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