Should I Replace My Bathtub or Just Refinish It?

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When a new tub can be purchased for almost the same price as your old one, why spend money on repairs?

A brand-new bathtub may be purchased for less than $500, but the cost of replacing an outdated one is significantly more. Why? Although purchasing a new tub isn’t even close to being the most expensive step in the process, bathrooms are frequently the focus of attention in homes.

The majority of the replacement cost is, in fact, first hidden. What are some instances of these hidden costs?

The Price to Remove and Dispose of Tubs

Are you able to remove the tub by yourself from the bathroom? Is there a way to get there from the restroom or the front door? If you can, how do you intend to get rid of it?

If you extend the tub that far, you’ll undoubtedly break some bathroom tiles, and the piping in the new tub might not work with the fixtures already in place. This implies that you could also require a tile setter and a plumber. This is how the cost of repairing a $500 bathtub can so easily reach the hundreds.

Why Is Refinishing the Best Option?

Remodeled bathtubs are just as durable as new ones. A restored surface can last up to 20 years with careful maintenance, which is the same lifespan as a brand-new bathtub.

Do Refinished Tubs Need Any Particular Maintenance?

Yes. Please avoid using bleach when cleaning surfaces that have been professionally refinished to keep them looking brand new. The shine or luster can be dulled or damaged by abrasive cleaners like bleach, just as they would be on a brand-new surface.

If you want your refinished surfaces to last as long as possible and seem like new, keep the non-silicone caulking in good condition and avoid using a suction mat in the tub. By removing the mat after each usage, mildew formation between the non-suction mat and the tub can be avoided.



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