Bathtub Reglazing

Bathtub Reglazing

Reglazing is the process of refinishing porcelain and ceramic surfaces and fixtures such that they appear as though they are brand new. Your old, worn-out bathtubs and tiling can have their original brilliance restored to them exactly where they are with the help of a process called reglazing. This process takes only a few hours and costs a fraction of what it would cost to replace them.

Most likely, the appearance of your bathtub has changed significantly over the years, primarily as a result of the use of harsh and abrasive cleaning products. In addition, the surface has actually grown porous, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to maintain it clean in its current state. The roughened surface acts like a sponge in that it soaks up dirt and soap scum and holds onto both of these contaminants.

It’s possible that someone else has damaged the surface of your bathtub by dropping a large object on it and causing chips or other damage. It’s possible that improper use of drain cleaners or some other chemical caused significant harm to the tub. Who knows what could have caused the tub to become significantly discolored? It’s possible that your tile has become crazed, discolored, or has lost its sheen as a result of its advanced age. It’s possible that the grout in between your tiles is beginning to seem old and is difficult to keep clean. On the other hand, it’s also possible that the color of your bathtub or tiles isn’t to your liking.

Reglazing is an option that can fix all of these issues. Any areas that have been chipped or damaged can be repaired by our professionals. After that, they will use our industrial cleaning procedure to prepare the surface for the reglazing process. After that, we will mask off and safeguard all neighboring goods, as well as set up ventilation equipment to manage any overspray and odors that may be present. After that, we apply and cure our one-of-a-kind adhesive coating. We insert our “No Slip” bottom into the tub at the same time as we re-glaze it to prevent incidents with people slipping and falling. And last but not least, we apply our one-of-a-kind synthetic porcelain finish, which is then chemically bonded to the surface. The new surface is smooth, shiny, and very easy to maintain. There are no potentially harmful chemical residues or messes left in your home. Mildew development is significantly reduced once the grout lines were sealed.

Why should you replace that old bathtub or tile simply because the color is no longer fashionable or the surface is worn out? We can make them seem as good as new again, at a fraction of the expense of replacing them, AND IN ANY COLOR!!

When a traditional approach is taken to replacing a bathtub, one of the most difficult challenges is removing the old bathtub. In order to complete the process, pieces of the tile on the walls and floor of the bathroom will need to be ripped off. More time and money will be needed to get the new bathtub installed because the old plumbing is frequently in the wrong spot. When you factor in the cost of a new bathtub, floor and wall materials, ceramic tiles, lumber, a carpenter, a plumber, and a tile setter, it is easy to see how the cost of replacing a bathtub can run into the thousands of dollars. This does not even take into account the mess, noise, and inconvenience of having workmen traipse through your home for days or even weeks. Last but not least, there is the annoyance of having to go without the use of your own restroom for a considerable amount of time.

In a matter of hours or less, your worn-out fixtures and tile can be returned to their previous brilliance with the help of reglazing. You are saved from the inconvenience of downtime as well as the burden of replacement. You can save up to 80 percent of the cost of replacement by having the glass in your windows reglazed. (By the way, brand-new bathtubs are frequently of worse quality than the ones they are replacing.) You can even alter the color of your fixtures and tile if you so like. You can have the bathroom of your dreams without having to go through the ordeal of remodeling it.



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